Mobile Makeup and Hair Artist vs. Hotel Salon and Spa

Mobile Makeup and Hair Artist vs. Hotel Salon and Spa

Las Vegas is America’s playground: home of drive-thru wedding venues, Elvis impersonators, nightlife fit for the ultimate partier, celebrity sightings, and an endless amount of glitz and glam. Anything can happen in Las Vegas, the sky is the limit. So naturally, looking and feeling your best is a must. Surely, the cameras will be flashing and all the details of your Vegas getaway will be documented via your selfies; whether it be on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or all of the above.

So having camera ready makeup and hair is vital. In Las Vegas, there is a plethora of options for getting glammed up. The salons and spas at the higher end hotels i.e. Bellagio, Venetian, Paris, Aria, Mandarin, Mandalay Bay, etc. are always an option. However, the price point will be bumped up, simply due to being on the strip.

Next option would be to travel off of the strip which is inconvenient and risky unless previously vetted by you or someone else.

So what’s the alternative? Mobile makeup and hair artists that come to you in your Las Vegas AirBnB or hotel room. Benefits? Where do we begin, lets have a gander:

  • Price Point is Lower Salons and spas in Las Vegas can charge more due to demand, location and convenience. However, this doesn’t always mean better service or quality artistry.  When you book with a mobile makeup artist or hair stylist in Las Vegas, their prices will typically be more comparable to local businesses
  • Level of Artistry Based on online reviews and website galleries, you can vet the artist that is coming to your hotel or residence. Just check out www.getreadyagency.com as an example ☺
  • Convenience Who wants to deal with hustle and bustle of a busy and crowded salon and spa? Your mobile makeup artist or hair stylist will come directly to your hotel room, AirBnB, or residence with all the products and tools for a makeup application, hair styling or sunless tanning.
  • Exclusivity What better way to feel like a VIP and get celebrity treatment than to have your own glam squad get you all dolled up in Vegas?  Whether its for your wedding day, bachelorette party, birthday, special event, work meeting or just a night out on the town… who doesn’t want to be pampered like a star?!
  • Get Ready with Your Friends Another benefit to going with a mobile beauty team is being able to get ready with your friends. For example, GetReady Agency can accommodate parties up to 30. Get your champagne and get ready to party with us 😉

Las Vegas hair and makeup artists are not all created equal. The level of artistry isn’t always the same, training isn’t always the same and the level of customer service isn’t always the same. So be sure to do your research. There are a plethora of online reviews to find the best team fit for you. We may biased, but our Las Vegas beauty team at GetReady Agency takes the cake, just give us a shot. We dare you.

Gold Glitter

Spring Makeup Trends 2016

With winter on its way out, we’re getting excited about all the new Spring makeup trends for 2016 popping up. We’re ready for a little change, a little spring cleaning, and some fresh ideas to get rid of those winter blues. According to the runway, we’ve got six new trends to dabble in while preparing for the warmer weather. We’ve listed all you need to know about what you should expect to see, and what you’ll need to be current with the newest makeup trends!



It’s not for everyone, but this Spring a little extra sparkle won’t hurt. Use some Mac Fix plus or some Makeup Forever Mist and Fix on your brush before applying the glitter and you’ll be sparkling all day and night. Use it all over the lid, or just on the center to add a nice pop. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things! Besides, what would life be like without a little glitter?




A red lip will always be classic, but its more fun when its a raging trend for Springtime. Bust out your old reds, matte or glossy, we’re saying yes to both. Our favorite reds right now are from Bite Beauty- check them out an any sephora.com.




Who knew blue eyeshadow would make a come back?? Why not- it’s 2016. Electric blues or softer sky blues are fun to add a little pop of color. Pair it with a neutral nude lip to ensure a nice balance. Be bold, its a new year!




Bronzed, glowing skin is always in. But this Spring, we can’t wait to add some warmth to our foundation routine. Use your favorite cream highlighter to mix in with your foundation before applying. After your foundation routine, use a powder bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and around the corners of your face. You’ll be looking like J-Lo in no time!




Lashes make a world of difference, they can truly complete a makeup look. Pop on a pair of strip lashes or individual lashes to add some extra drama and see the transformation. We recommend timidlashes.com - they’re 100% vegan!




What would Springtime be without some soft pinks and peaches? Combining these colors on the lid will add a youthful and brightening aspect to your makeup. Makeup forever has beautiful matte and shimmery shades for all of your soft springtime colors. You can also create your own palette with their artist shadow collection.

We hope this sheds some light on what’s to come for Spring makeup this year! We’re excited to see all the creative ways the trends will be worn on the runway, and on the street. If you’re looking for a fresh makeover or some new ways to switch up your makeup routine, book with www.getreadymobilesalon.com. Our amazing makeup artists have endless tips and tricks to share to prepare you for the Spring trends!