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7 Reasons All Brides Need a Makeup Artist on Their Wedding Day

On average, brides spend $25,000.00 on their dream wedding. Several weeks, months, and sometimes years go into planning each little detail—from the venue, to the dress, to the food, to the flowers. I remember when my older sister got married, I was 21. Years later, she gave me some wise words of advice. She said, there's a few things you don't want to skimp on when you get married: your hair and makeup and your photography. As most weddings are expensive, often times brides want to save money wherever they can. My sister now looks back on her wedding pictures and wishes she had spent a little more on herself and the photographer, rather than the food! After your big day, you'll want to cherish those memories through photographs forever. And this is why you need a professional makeup artist- pictures last a lifetime! Here are 7 reasons all brides need a makeup artist!


1) Trial, no error!

When you booking a makeup artist for your wedding, always schedule a trial run prior to your wedding day. During the trial run, you'll want to discuss details, such as the desired look, and to test out certain colors and styles for a perfected makeup application, specific to you! This is also a time when additional makeups can be booked for bridesmaids, etc. That way, there are no surprises and no errors on the day of the wedding!


2) No 80's makeup!

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day. This does not mean you need multiple layers of makeup that you normally wouldn't wear. You still want to look like yourself, just a little more flawless! Makeup artists know how to bring out the best features of one's face and how to enhance natural beauty. They've been trained on all different types of skin tones and face shapes. Leave it to the professionals to provide a flawless and effortless look that will “wow” your groom and all your guests!


3) Stress free please.

The day you get ready to marry your sweetheart should be an exciting and stress free experience. No bride should have to bother with perfecting winged liner or strip lashes. Makeup artists are used to high pressure and fast-paced environments. They enjoy doing makeup, and their job is to ensure you look flawless without any effort on your part. It should be a positive experience where you feel pampered, just as you deserve on your special day.



4) Long lasting, just like your love.

Wedding days although wonderful, are also LONG. You want to make sure your makeup isn't melting off right after you say " I do". Makeup artists use high quality, long-lasting, and special HD products that translate best on camera. Some artists offer airbrush makeup, which provides a more natural look for camera. This will allow you to maintain a beautiful, flawless appearance, even through all the happy tears and laughter. You don't have to be a blotchy, oily bride. Using a professional makeup artist is worth it!


6) Your bridal party should be on point

You want your bridesmaids to look their very best, they'll be in those photographs as well! Your bridal party should compliment you and your spouse, not clash with your beautiful dress and makeup. Bridesmaids makeup needs to be equally beautiful and in sync. An experienced makeup artist can harmonize your bridal party's look to ensure there are no horror stories.


7) Tricks of the trade

Makeup artists have been trained with an eye for detail and have experience with all types of skin. Your artist will be able to take care of any problem areas, such as blemishes, or surprise pimples making an unfortunate appearance on the wedding day. If there are scars or tattoos that you want concealed, your artist will have the right product to make it disappear. Makeup artists have all the tools to make you the most beautiful bride you always dreamed of being. It's worth the investment. Trust me.

As the years pass, you will never regret having used a professional makeup artist as you share your photos with friends and family.



7 Reasons All Brides Need a Makeup Artist on Their Wedding Day