Mobile Makeup and Hair Artist vs. Hotel Salon and Spa

Mobile Makeup and Hair Artist vs. Hotel Salon and Spa

Las Vegas is America’s playground: home of drive-thru wedding venues, Elvis impersonators, nightlife fit for the ultimate partier, celebrity sightings, and an endless amount of glitz and glam. Anything can happen in Las Vegas, the sky is the limit. So naturally, looking and feeling your best is a must. Surely, the cameras will be flashing and all the details of your Vegas getaway will be documented via your selfies; whether it be on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or all of the above.

So having camera ready makeup and hair is vital. In Las Vegas, there is a plethora of options for getting glammed up. The salons and spas at the higher end hotels i.e. Bellagio, Venetian, Paris, Aria, Mandarin, Mandalay Bay, etc. are always an option. However, the price point will be bumped up, simply due to being on the strip.

Next option would be to travel off of the strip which is inconvenient and risky unless previously vetted by you or someone else.

So what’s the alternative? Mobile makeup and hair artists that come to you in your Las Vegas AirBnB or hotel room. Benefits? Where do we begin, lets have a gander:

  • Price Point is Lower Salons and spas in Las Vegas can charge more due to demand, location and convenience. However, this doesn’t always mean better service or quality artistry.  When you book with a mobile makeup artist or hair stylist in Las Vegas, their prices will typically be more comparable to local businesses
  • Level of Artistry Based on online reviews and website galleries, you can vet the artist that is coming to your hotel or residence. Just check out www.getreadyagency.com as an example ☺
  • Convenience Who wants to deal with hustle and bustle of a busy and crowded salon and spa? Your mobile makeup artist or hair stylist will come directly to your hotel room, AirBnB, or residence with all the products and tools for a makeup application, hair styling or sunless tanning.
  • Exclusivity What better way to feel like a VIP and get celebrity treatment than to have your own glam squad get you all dolled up in Vegas?  Whether its for your wedding day, bachelorette party, birthday, special event, work meeting or just a night out on the town… who doesn’t want to be pampered like a star?!
  • Get Ready with Your Friends Another benefit to going with a mobile beauty team is being able to get ready with your friends. For example, GetReady Agency can accommodate parties up to 30. Get your champagne and get ready to party with us 😉

Las Vegas hair and makeup artists are not all created equal. The level of artistry isn’t always the same, training isn’t always the same and the level of customer service isn’t always the same. So be sure to do your research. There are a plethora of online reviews to find the best team fit for you. We may biased, but our Las Vegas beauty team at GetReady Agency takes the cake, just give us a shot. We dare you.


Tips For A Flawless Makeup Application

Proper Skincare

Skincare is the first step to a flawless makeup application. Have a routine that includes exfoliating at least once a week, a morning moisturizer and an evening moisturizer, to keep the skin hydrated. I also recommend mixing a beauty oil into your foundation; one of my go tos is Argan Oil. Everyones skin is different, so if you're oily, a beauty oil mixed with foundation might not be for you. Finding the right products based on your individual needs is crucial. I recommend finding an esthetician you trust to get recommendations on products. Makeup artists appreciate great skin, as it's the foundation of a beautiful makeup application!




Protecting the skin is vital, using sunblock everyday is a tip that my mom drilled in to my head during childhood. Moms are always right! Some foundations already have SPF in them, but some prefer not to have SPF in their makeup. Usually, I mix my moisturizer with my sunblock. One of my favorites is by Juice Beauty. Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are must haves when soaking up those rays to prevent pre-mature aging and sun damage!




Drinking plenty of water can add hydration, clearness, and moisture to the skin, creating a youthful looking glow. Especially during the summer months, staying hydrated will not only help you feel better, but your skin (and body) will benefit from drinking plenty of water. The recommended water intake per day is 64 oz. However, in the summer months it doesn't hurt to increase that amount to ensure you're getting enough. Hydrated skin will allow the overall wear of makeup to last longer and look better. Trust us on this one; moisturizer can only do so much!



Quality Products

Using quality products isn't just about being a name brand snob. There are certain ingredients that are terrible for your skin. In turn, this will defeat the purpose of your skin care routine. So, using higher quality brands and brands that use natural ingredients will be better for your skin and improve the way your makeup looks.
Avoiding ingredients like mineral oil, parabens, formaldehyde, and talc are definitely ones to watch out for. HoneyBee Gardens, and Uprooted Skincare are both wonderful brands that are considered "clean" and safe for the skin without the use of harmful chemicals or toxins.



Pro Brands

There are some drugstore brands that can be great quality. However, the rule is-you get what you pay for. Using higher end brands (pro brands) will give you the pay off you're looking for because they usually work better! The longevity of wear is sometimes double compared to drugstore brands. The pigments blend easier and look brighter. You'll also need less product to accomplish a dramatic look, rather than having to use large amounts of a cheaper brand.



Application technique

Knowing what type of face shape and eye shape you have is half the battle when learning new makeup techniques. Once you're aware of what type of shape you have, its easier to learn what product goes where, and the purpose of their use. There are several different tricks to achieve the type of look you're going for. A current trend is highlighting and contouring. The idea is to create the illusion of an oval shaped face (the most desired/beautiful). Highlighting is intended to push forward the center features of the face; contouring creates shadows and dimension and pushes back features. There are several tutorials on youtube that have simple step by step instructions!


The best thing about makeup, is that it isn't permanent. You can play and practice until you find what works best for you. Taking extra steps, like improving your skin by using better products, eating right and staying hydrated can dramatically enhance the wear of your makeup. Keep up the good work, stay creative, stay healthy, and wear sunblock!


Summer Makeup Trends 2016

Summer is right around the corner which means a whole new set of makeup trends for 2016. We've been dying to share all of our favorites and can't wait to see how our makeup artists in Las Vegas implement these into their makeup routines for GetReady clients. Makeup is ever-changing and evolving, and this year there are several brands that have come out with some of the best products yet!


Highlight, highlight, highlight

It's all the rage. Almost every brand has come out with their own highlighter to add luminosity to the face. Highlight should be applied to the apples of the cheeks, under the brow bone, down the center of the nose, and on the cupid's bow. However, there are several other ways to highlight and we're not going to stop you from applying it everywhere, because who doesn't want to look like a glowing goddess this summer?  Some of our makeup artists'  favorite highlighters are by Becca, Urban Decay, and Hourglass.



Coral Lips

They're fun, flirty, and fresh. The options are endless; matte, glossy, sheer, satin, different undertones and shades, you can't go wrong with coral this summer. Use a liner to define the bold look of a bright lip for a strong statement. Pair this with a neutral makeup look for the eyes and you'll be set for a day at the pool or a night out. Our Las Vegas makeup artists have an array of coral lips they reach for including lip stains by Stila, Too Faced, and Makeup Forever.



Full Lashes and Nude Lips

This look always has an effortless feel to it. Whether you pop on a pair of your favorite false lashes or go heavy with your best mascara, full lashes are never a bad idea. Some of our favorite lashes are by House of Lashes, Timid Lashes, and Ardell, which can be purchased at any Target or Walgreens. If you struggle with applying false lashes, not to worry. There are several mascaras that will do the trick including Better than Sex by Too Faced and Voluminous by Loreal, which are our makeup artists' favorites. Just coat the lashes to build up a full look and you can create that drama. Add a nude lip, some of our favorites are by Nyx, the options are endless. Nyx is a GetReady makeup artist favorite and can be purchased at Ulta or Target. The variety of lip colors are so broad and the formula is beautiful!



Naked Face

There's nothing better than a fresh, natural looking face during the summertime. Let your natural beauty shine through and skip the powders, blushes, and bronzers. Our makeup artists in Las Vegas love using any of the Laura Mercier tinted moistures for spf and a little coverage. Let the sun do the rest, you'll be naturally blushing in no time in that summer sun. There are several other tinted moisturizers and BB creams that will help you achieve that natural/ nude looking face. Our makeup artists also love Tarte BB creams, our favorite is the BB cream primer. It smoothes and also adds just the right amount of coverage.



Popsicle Stained Lips

This Is Probably Our Favorite Trend Of Them All... And The Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Lip Has Made It Fool Proof. This Product Is Double Sided, With A Pigment On One End A Lighter Sheen On The Other, With A Blending Tool To Create The Ombre Affect. This Will Instantly Add Dimension And Make You Look Like You Have All The Secrets Of A Makeup Artists In Your Back Pocket! You Can Also Use Any Lip Liner And Lipstick To Create That Ombre Look. Using The Majority Of The Liner On The Outer Corners Of The Lip, And Then Filling In The Rest With Your Choice Of Any Lipstick Or Stain. The Options Are Endless!

Gold Glitter

Spring Makeup Trends 2016

With winter on its way out, we’re getting excited about all the new Spring makeup trends for 2016 popping up. We’re ready for a little change, a little spring cleaning, and some fresh ideas to get rid of those winter blues. According to the runway, we’ve got six new trends to dabble in while preparing for the warmer weather. We’ve listed all you need to know about what you should expect to see, and what you’ll need to be current with the newest makeup trends!



It’s not for everyone, but this Spring a little extra sparkle won’t hurt. Use some Mac Fix plus or some Makeup Forever Mist and Fix on your brush before applying the glitter and you’ll be sparkling all day and night. Use it all over the lid, or just on the center to add a nice pop. Don’t be afraid to branch out and try new things! Besides, what would life be like without a little glitter?




A red lip will always be classic, but its more fun when its a raging trend for Springtime. Bust out your old reds, matte or glossy, we’re saying yes to both. Our favorite reds right now are from Bite Beauty- check them out an any sephora.com.




Who knew blue eyeshadow would make a come back?? Why not- it’s 2016. Electric blues or softer sky blues are fun to add a little pop of color. Pair it with a neutral nude lip to ensure a nice balance. Be bold, its a new year!




Bronzed, glowing skin is always in. But this Spring, we can’t wait to add some warmth to our foundation routine. Use your favorite cream highlighter to mix in with your foundation before applying. After your foundation routine, use a powder bronzer on the apples of your cheeks and around the corners of your face. You’ll be looking like J-Lo in no time!




Lashes make a world of difference, they can truly complete a makeup look. Pop on a pair of strip lashes or individual lashes to add some extra drama and see the transformation. We recommend timidlashes.com - they’re 100% vegan!




What would Springtime be without some soft pinks and peaches? Combining these colors on the lid will add a youthful and brightening aspect to your makeup. Makeup forever has beautiful matte and shimmery shades for all of your soft springtime colors. You can also create your own palette with their artist shadow collection.

We hope this sheds some light on what’s to come for Spring makeup this year! We’re excited to see all the creative ways the trends will be worn on the runway, and on the street. If you’re looking for a fresh makeover or some new ways to switch up your makeup routine, book with www.getreadymobilesalon.com. Our amazing makeup artists have endless tips and tricks to share to prepare you for the Spring trends!

Why Book a Mobile Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist

Mobile makeup artists and hair stylist are all the new rage. When you’re on vacation, its all about things of convenience and ease. Getting ready shouldn’t be the exception.

"Why bother going to the salon when you can have the salon or blow dry bar come to you?"


Las Vegas is the mecca for entertainment, weddings, corporate events, and parties…. after all it’s nickname is Americas playground.
Mobile makeup artists and hair stylists are used to traveling from location to location quickly; whether its on the strip or a residence in the valley.


Why not cut out the work of having to travel to a salon to get beautified? Mobile makeup artists and hair stylists always come prepared with professional products, and the talent to go with it. They can always accommodate big parties like bachelorette parties or bridal showers. .and of course weddings.


If you’re looking for a spray tan, a makeup application, a blow out, or a sleek hairstyle… look no further. GetREADY can do it all.